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College: Cornell College

1.) where did you get late-night food?
The Ratt

2.) what was the worst class you ever had?
My dumb ass decided that taking calculus 2nd block freshman year was a good idea because I had a semester of it in high school. WTF? I didn't even need to take a math class because I scored so high on that section of my ACTs. The pace of 3 lessons a night instead of 1 lesson every 2 days blew my mind. Memories of the class include sitting next to Harper while he put pencils in his ear hole and played with his eyelet (earring) which frequently flew across the room, trying to study with Harper and Longacre (who didn't let on that he's a freaking math genius who planned to major in math), and standing at the chalkboard with Ed Hill making me feel dumb as rocks. I had to drop the class and seriously thought I was going to fail out of Cornell. It was awesome.

3.) what was the best class you ever had?
Philosophy of Feminism with Amy Ihland made feminism click for me, so it was a best of sorts. It had little to do with the class, since I cannot read philosophy text and grasp anything. I wrote a paper on the book This Bridge Called Our Back and I haven't been the same since. It's one of the few papers I wrote in that I can read years later and still holds up. The best as in most fun and memorable was probably Weaving with Maria Schutt. If I hadn't taken Weaving 8th block senior year, I wouldn't have ended up taking Sculpture for my last class, and without either of those Art classes, I wouldn't have learned how much more awesome I feel when I'm marking art and doing crafts.

4.) who was your favorite instructor?
None of my faves were tenure faculty. Maria Schutt, Brigittine French (anthro/linguistics), and the wonderful Cindy Benton (for all my feminist theory courses, including Senior Sem).

5.) who was your least favorite instructor?
Ed Hill. See above.

6.) favorite college bar?
Randall's I guess. By the time I wanted to drink my friends were mostly done with the bar scene.

7.) best sporting event attended?
Men's soccer. I hate the sport but man oh man were they all hot.

8.) best concert attended?
CMJ was fun for that. Front row at a Moby show was probably my fave.

9.) the best time to have a class?
Classes with afternoons only.

10.) favorite drink?
I drank a lot of lemonade at meals. I miss the gas station cappuccino machine.

11.) what was your first dorm room?
First floor Merner, which is now second floor Merner because they got rid of Zero Deck.

12.) first roommate?
Dr. Amanda Everhart. I can't believe my first college roommate is a medical doctor!

13.) the funniest nickname for a person in college?
The only one that stands out is Wacker.

14.) craziest friend
Crazy as in mental? don't want to hurt feelings. Craziest person on campus would have to be Beau Buttons.

15.) books . . . buy? borrow? or not buy?
Buy was pretty much my only choice. In lucky circumstances the bookstore didn't get the book in time and had to make us copies they couldn't charge us for.

16.) how many parking tickets?
So many. During freshman orientation we went to a movie or something and came back pretty late. I parked in visitor parking by the sports center and didn't see the sign. I went to my car a week later and had like 10 tickets on my car. I remember crying to my RA, feeling so stupid. I was able to appeal and had them dropped to one or two.

17.) favorite cafeteria food?
Frozen Yogurt. I miss that machine so much. Seriously.

18.) funniest person?
Cop out answer: the big brother combo of Bry/Eric/Matt Rhoades.

19.) nationalities of instructors and ta's?
Mostly white anglo, but there were exceptions since I started out as a Spanish major.

20.) ever take a cinema class?
Didn't know the school offered them...

21.) phys ed classes taken?
We didn't have to take a phys ed class.

23.) any clubs or organizations?
I was so active freshman year that pretty much everyone thought I was at least a year older. KRNL, Cornellian, Res Life, WAG, Family and Friends, Emerging Leaders (dropped out after 1st year since i was disillusioned with the school), Media Board

24.) first friend on the first day freshman year?
I met Mandy (roommate), Trav (peer group), and Harper (RA, helped me move in, instant crush) on the first day. At Hillbottom Games they told everyone to shake 3 peoples' hands. I went around introducing myself to everyone because I was feeling all outgoing and shit. For months I would meet people in classes and they'd say they knew me and we'd already met and I was embarrassed I couldn't remember their name.

25.) school mascot?
Rams. I always wanted to get a pair of sweats and put RAMS on the ass and tell friends back home that everyone on campus wore them.

26.) favorite recreational sport (besides beer pong)?
Climbing up to 4th floor Bowman to visit The Chrissys.

27.) favorite place to live?
I loved pretty much everything about freshman year in Merner. Summer between freshman and sophomore year in Rorem was fun. I loved being an RA in Pfeiffer sophomore year. Everything after that was, at best, tolerable until I could fucking leave Cornell.

28.) best road trip?
Atlanta to visit Thomas with Peka, Aja, and John Mc was fun. First trip to NYC for CMJ was awesome. Second trip to NYC for CMJ even more awesome.

29.) cult movie classic?
The only memorable movies are Fight Club and American Beauty, both seen during my second trip to CMJ. We got to see the first screening of Fight Club, a month before it came out in theaters. Then again there is Star Wars, which I'm not allowed to see as an Amish Jew.

30.) how many friends from your college days do you talk to each week?
I talk to Bry and Rebecca all the time. I read the lj/blog of about 10-15 Cornellians.

31.) if applicable, did you go to class on 9/11?
Thom Parks told me a plane crashed into the towers over AIM before class. I didn't get why it was a big deal but brought my laptop to class to check out the news. By about 10:00 Cindy canceled class for the day. I remember going to Harlan House and watching coverage with Amber. Traci was pretty freaked since her mom worked at Mayo Clinic and not knowing who "they" figured it would be a target if "they" went after hospitals.

32.) craziest thing you did on a campus bus?
The only think I can think of is Crazy Beau Buttons hopping in one of those Gators facilities management and Per Mar drove around in.

33.) best date function?
I was Joe's date to a Sponge Formal.

34.) ever stay for a summer session?
I stayed on campus and worked in the Mail Center, but there were no summer classes.

35.) best campus job?
I loved being an RA. I also loved making copies and distributing mail.

36.) strangest place on campus?
Beau Buttons's dorm room, because it looked like an 8 year old boy lived there and smelled like he let something die in there. I also thought that the Marriott kitchen in the Commons Basement was pretty strange and gross.

37.) ever paint your face for a sporting event?
I don't think anyone would ever bother doing such a thing.

38. What year did you graduate?

39. Get your degree?
Duh, I GRADUATED, didn't I?

40. Any regrets?
Calculus. Ever trusting alison(x2), traci, amber, and cole. I kind of wish I'd transferred out after my sophomore year, but who knows where I'd have gone and how that would have turned out.
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