Jan. 1st, 2009

29. Jessica's Hat, modeled by Dave (crocheted with a strand of Bernat Soft Boucle and wool held together):

30. Bandana/kerchief:

31. Horse ami, which needs a tail and mane or something to look complete:

32. Wrist warmers (made with a baby yarn and now looking pretty raggedy from so much wear):

33. Dave's hat (crocheted with a strand of Bernat Soft Boucle and acrylic):

34. Scarf for a missionary girl (crocheted with a terrible Red Heart acrylic):

35. Knob shifter cozy to keep my boyfriend's hand from burning when the car sat in the sun or freezing in the cold:

36. Pumpkin amigurumi, which was included in Mason's birthday present:
37 & 38. Frak fibro, made as a birthday present for Lindsey. "Frak" is the Battlestar Gallactica version of Fuck. I made a second one but forgot to snap a picture before sending it:

39. Super Mario Brothers ? block, which I never bothered to block and is horribly slanted:

40. Black Blow Me, which was an etsy sale:

* Lindsey, can you snap/scan a picture of your frak fibro for me?
41. Pins made from a random magazine page found while filing for Don:

42. Angel pins made from a postcard:

43. 6 sign pins:
44. Craft Girl loco on the cape of my Halloween costume, designed for a superhero themed party:

45. Craft girl thing I wore around my waist so people would know what superhero I was:

46. Hat of the Craft Girl is the Spring in Winter hat from The Happy Hooker. I didn't have enough yarn for the matching scarf, so I made a scarflet, which I don't have a picture of:

47. Bunny for Norah's 1st birthday, which I started years ago and finally finished and sewed on the head:



January 2009


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