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This is going to picture heavy, so there's lots under the cut.

#7 -- Keith Haring inspired cross stitch of See no Evil. I started this piece years ago, copying a postcard. I drew on the fabric, so after stitched the outlines, I realized that I'd have to fill in the entire background if I wanted it to look line anything decent. It's an awkward shape, so I'll probably spend a lot custom framing it. If I were to sell this, I would ask for no less than like $400 considering how long it to complete.

#8 -- Crochet scarf. I used a black and white varigated wool with an open stitch. The woven strips are braids of a white baby boucle yarn and silver microspun. It was an adult length until I did the weaving. Good thing kids need scarves, too.


#9 -- Crochet Jayne Cobb Hat. This was a Valentine's Day present for my boyfriend. It fits a little wonky, but he's happy with it. I think it's my first successful freehand hat. No, my boyfriend is not a stuffed koala.

#10 -- Crochet Neckwarmer(?). I'm not sure what to call this, I guess, so neckwarmer will do. It's just double crochet stitches in a boucle yarn. It's like a big, cozy scarf without the hanging bits, perfect for wearing around my cold apartment after coming in from the cold.

#11 -- Hot Cross Slouch Beret from the Winter 2007 Interweave Crochet magazine. I used Lion Brand microspun yarn. It's not particularly warm, and is huge on my head, but I like it.

#12 -- Crochet Nintendo DS Cozy. I meant to make this as a roomy cozy for my iPod, but it ended up way bigger than I wanted it to be. Perfect size for my DS Lite though. Made with Vanna's Choice yarn.

#13 -- Arm Warmers. I made these from a wool sweater I felted. The sewing is rather sloppy and threads stick out, but I'm not picky.

#14 -- Crochet Ear Hat. I made this by crocheting with strands of a pink boucle and red wool held together. It shrank more than I wanted when I put it in the washing machine to felt. It's snug fit on my head and not quite long enough to look right. If it were to fit a kid's head properly, it might be cute.

#15 -- Crochet Star Beret. Conceptually I thought this would work, but I don't think it turned out. It reminds me a bit of what Maggie Simpson would look like in a beret, though my boyfriend says it looks like a jester hat. When I finished the edge with a slip stitch it became super tight, so the only head it will fit on is a glass vase.

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